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Building Generational Health

Part of Living the Good Life is maintaining an active lifestyle for many years to come. Viva Bene residents have convenient access to wellness-based, preventative healthcare through Sevi Health's care coordination and primary care services*. Sevi's journey started when two physicians, outraged by the increasing complexity of our healthcare system, set out with one goal - to simplify the primary care experience for patients.

At the core of Sevi’s mission is a relentless dedication to relationship-based medicine which extends beyond a traditional primary care practice.

Sevi Health Mission

Simplify the primary care experience

Deliver relationship-based care

Bring joy back into patient care

Se·vi (v):  Love to be in service of others


Sevi Health is expanding its mission to assist Viva Bene residents in navigating today's complex healthcare industry. This is a transformative approach to active adult living that is rooted in proactive, preventative wellness, not a needs-based healthcare setting. Have questions? See our FAQs.

Do I need to switch my primary care provider to be a Viva Bene resident?

How are Sevi Health services billed?

Does Sevi have a physical presence at Viva Bene?

WellVB Services Powered by Sevi Health Services

On-site clinic for in-person visits and telehealth capabilities*

Care coordination navigator

Annual wellness assessments

Virtual urgent care visits

Specialist scheduling assistance

Chronic care management

Wellness programming

Educational seminars

*Services offered may be different between communities