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Building Generational Health

Part of being Purposefully Active is maintaining an active lifestyle for many years to come. Viva Bene residents have the option to access convenient, preventive primary care and wellness offerings through Sevi Health. Sevi’s services provide a personalized experience through a WellConcierge to help navigate the increasing complexities of the healthcare system and allow for a holistic, proactive approach to healthcare.

WellVB is Wellness. Personally Delivered.

Sevi Health Mission

Simplify the primary care experience

Deliver relationship-based care

Bring joy back into patient care

About Sevi Health

Se·vi (v):  Love to be in service of others

Making Primary Care Simple

Sevi’s journey started when two physicians, outraged by the increasing complexity of our healthcare system, set out with one goal – to simplify the primary care experience for patients.

At the core of Sevi’s mission is a relentless dedication to relationship-based medicine which extends beyond a traditional primary care practice.

Sevi WellVB Services

Personal WellConcierge

Navigating Personal Health Ecosystem

Scheduling Specialists Assistance

On-site Wellness and Consultation Space

Virtual Wellness Visits

Personalized Health Q&A

Annual Wellness Assessments

Seminars and Fitness Classes

Sevi services offered are subject to change and may differ between Viva Bene communities

Resident participation in the Sevi program and services is voluntary
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