Active Adult: A New Approach to Creating Community

Active Adult: A New Approach to Creating Community

January 8, 2024

Social gatherings at the bistro and sunny mornings at the tranquil resort-style pool. Doesn’t sound like senior living, does it? Viva Bene active adult living is a collection of active adult rental communities that provide vibrant seniors with a proactive approach to their health and wellness. Through unique partnerships, a resident-driven focus, and purposeful design, Viva Bene stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of senior living.

Explore the essence of a new approach to creating community with these insights from Principal and Co-Founder of Avenue Development and Viva Bene, Mike Mattingly.

Viva Bene: Active Adult Living

At the heart of Viva Bene lies a commitment to redefine the active adult living experience. This residential model goes beyond the conventional, standing out in its asset class by forging a healthcare partnership with Sevi Health. The core idea is centered around individual well-being, aiming to create a lifestyle where residents can thrive without the need for relocation. 

“Viva Bene is our way of promoting how we view active adult and what we believe is the future of this space, integrating the health and wellness deeply into these communities.” - Mike Mattingly

What Makes Viva Bene an Attractive Community Setting?

Many are familiar with the term “active adult” but they might be surprised with what active adult communities have to offer. The best ones are resident driven! Unlike traditional notions of senior living, the best communities are those where residents actively shape their environment. From daily activities to special events, the residents come together, creating an exciting and inviting atmosphere. Viva Bene's goal is to identify and embrace such communities, aligning with the desires and experiences its residents seek. It's not just a place to live; it's a community where residents actively contribute to the fabric of their surroundings.View amenities at Viva Bene.

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A Comparison of Traditional Seniors Housing and Viva Bene

Even though independent living is the closest form of seniors housing to active adult communities, they vary significantly in terms of care and amenities. Even active adult communities have significant differences within the category based on the location and depending on the operator or owner of the community. Some communities stand alone as independent living, while others seamlessly integrate with assisted living and offer specialized Alzheimer's and dementia care. The appearance of independent living communities can range from apartment-style setups to those with added amenities like a swimming pool or indoor and outdoor dining rooms, and more.

In the realm of active adult living, Viva Bene’s distinguishing itself within the active adult space, mirroring the layout of apartment buildings but tailoring the style and feeling to cater to an older demographic. Learning from the insights of those who have spent a decade in the field, Viva Bene leadership has incorporated valuable lessons learned to ensure a smoother journey without encountering unnecessary challenges.

WellVB Integrated

The integration of WellVB, a collaboration with Sevi Health, sets Viva Bene apart in terms of care coordination. Providing on-site primary care to residents and ensuring accessibility, this offering goes beyond the norm. The whole-person approach encompasses the unique needs of aging adults, offering a comprehensive healthcare experience that enhances the overall well-being of the resident.

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Purposefully Active

It’s a lifestyle choice that residents are invited to participate in. Those who choose to call Viva Bene their home are seeking more than just a place to live in, they are seeking purpose. This is a retirement haven where comfort intertwines with opportunity, allowing residents not only to grow individually but also to connect with like-minded individuals on a journey of shared experiences.

Part of being Purposefully Active is maintaining an active lifestyle for many years to come. Viva Bene residents have the option to access convenient, preventive primary care and wellness offerings through Sevi Health. Sevi’s services provide a personalized experience through a WellConcierge to help navigate the increasing complexities of the healthcare system and allow for a holistic, proactive approach to healthcare. WellVB is wellness - personally delivered.

Viva Bene creates a tapestry of purposeful living that sits precisely where it needs to at the intersection of innovation, comfort, and a vibrant community that defies conventional expectations. 

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